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Last winter, I found an interesting game on my mobile phone. The game is played like this, there is a small ball which could jump forward with the beat of the music. Each time you dot the screen, the small ball will jump higher to avoid obstacles. The name of this game is just the topic of my speech today-never give up.

This weekend, I took part in a long-distance running activity. I believe that it is a great challenge for many people to run 5 kilometers without stopping. The longest running distance in our school sports meeting is just 3 kilometers. In the long run, many times I thought whether I should stop for a while to have a rest, because I rubbed the skin of my ankles in Wednesday’s training. But I asked myself, is this the reason that I should give up ? What else can I do if I could not keep running?

Just thinking about those well-known great people, almost everyone succeed after conquering a severe difficult environment, become CEOs and gain a monthly salary of over ten thousand, and finally marry the white, rich and beautiful ladies and go toward the peak of life. Just talking about a typical example, the former president of South Africa Mandela, a man whose skin is darker than me. If he did not hold on to the prison life of more than 30 years, how could he become an outstanding black leader

Then thinking about the leading actor in the movie "Life of Pi", if he can not adhere to the next year in the Pacific Ocean, how could he survive? Comparing to them, if I could not keep running, keep studying, I will become lamer and lamer.I think I will keep fighting, just as Ma Yun said, dreams are necessary, just in case I might have the opportunity to see ghosts.

In the end of my speech, I wish to share some classic lines in “The Ark of Mr. Chow” with you. Encountered difficulties and setbacks, please do not stop the pace of tomorrow. When you come to the crossroads of destiny, you must listen to your heart bravely . Never go with the wind when you should fly against it.You have to fight your way out for yourselves as well as those of your kind.

Thank you.


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