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Good morning, teachers and students. We have just enjoyed the May 1st,  Vacation. Actually, this 7-dayvacation contains not only the Labor ‘s Day, but also the Youth’s Day, which has passed us silently. Speaking of its origin, we should talk about an event which happened almost 100 years ago.
In 1919, delegates from all over the world converged in Paris to take part in the Paris Peace Conference. During the conference, the Great Britain, France and Italy wanted to transfer the rights of Germany in Shandong to Japan. Beiyang Government tended to agree.
On the May 3rd, the principle of Peking University Mr Cai Yuanpei told the news to the professors and students. The whole city was in an uproar suddenly. In the afternoon of the May 4th, Beijing patriots who were led by the students from Peking University, rushed to the streets, people asked to meet the envoys from the Great Britain, France, Italy and America, but they failed. Then they busted in the dwelling of Cao Rulin, made a fire and beat Zhang Zongxiang, 32 students were arrested. Then the students did an extremely hard struggle.As a result, Xu Shichang claimed that “China won’t sign on the contract”. The movement succeeded.
    This is the origin of the Youth’s Day, during the time with fervency, our elder generation wrote their own youth by blood and lives. Those elites who should be learning at universities, forgot about their own for their motherland. They fought for sovereignty, peace and equality. They even shed their blood. 
They threw their pens and rushed out of the campuses. They, set their tracks on the platforms. They sharply denounced the crimes of traitors. They bellowed out the whoop in the hearts of 400 million compatriots: How could Chinese sovereignty be traded? How could Chinese national prestige be profaned? They, put our nation in their minds, and took responsibility of the country. They had authentically comprehended and fulfilled the mind “The rise and fall of the nation is every citizen’s concern and business.”
This is the history of the great May 4th, this is the spirit of Chinese. If the youth are smart, our nation will be smart; If the youth are rich, our nation will be rich; If the youth are strong, our nation will be strong. As our pioneers, the martyrs made extraordinary examples for us and we should keep this in our hearts and develop it forever, no matter where, no matter how, no matter who. Thank you!


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